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Wednesday, 25 March 1987
Page: 1537

Mr WRIGHT(7.58) —I seek leave of the House to table documents that I referred to in my contribution in the earlier part of the adjournment debate.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Leo McLeay) —Is leave granted?

Mr Spender —I have not seen the documents. I do not want to cut him short. I thought he was referring--

Mr WRIGHT —He always does, Mr Deputy Speaker. He tries everything to stop whatever I say when I try to clean up some of the scandals and scams.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Leave is not granted.

Mr WRIGHT —The documents outline the case against Frendship Aloe Vera Pty Ltd. They also substantiates allegations made by farmers that directors of Friendship Aloe Vera, Peter Wildschut and his wife, took unsecured loans from the aloe vera company of over $900,000. It is important that these documents be available so honourable members can peruse them.

Mr Humphreys —Is the honourable member for North Sydney protecting them?

Mr WRIGHT —That is what happens all the time. It disturbs me that it continues to happen. If these documents can be made available to the Attorney-General (Mr Lionel Bowen), the Treasurer (Mr Keating) and others I am sure they will assist in any investigation. It is important that we be able to do something about the continuing rorts. I believe that these documents, as with the other cases I have raised in this place, clearly establish the need for a high powered task force of State corporate affairs officers linked with the Commonwealth Trade Practices Commission so that we can do something and really declare a nationwide war on white collar criminals who are preying on unsuspecting Australians. We have seen with other cases that tens of millions of dollars have been ripped off. This is another case where somewhere between $3.72m and $4.5m has been taken. People invested in good faith. They acted on advice, they say, from the Commonwealth Development Bank officers, a certain bank officer from the National Australia Bank in Bundaberg and put their homes and farms at risk. Now they stand to lose all this. This has to stop. It will take a non-partisan approach. The honourable member for Hinkler (Mr Conquest) and I went to Bundaberg to talk to farmers to try as parliamentarians to solve this matter. I would like to think that such a task force might come about. In the meantime I need the Treasurer to examine these allegations and work with the Attorney-General and people in the Trade Practices Commission to put an end to what is going on. It is costing Australians tens of millions of dollars.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Is leave granted to table the documents?

Mr Spender —Leave is not granted.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER —Leave is not granted. It being 8 p.m. the House stands adjourned until 10 a.m. tomorrow.

House adjourned at 8 p.m.