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Tuesday, 24 February 1987
Page: 615

Mr GOODLUCK —by leave-First, I wish to congratulate the honourable member for Lilley, Mrs Elaine Darling, the Chairman of the Transport Safety Committee, and all its members. The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport Safety-Transafe-may not be the most fashionable committee and a lot of people do not seem to want to join it; but we work in a bipartisan way to save lives, and that is the important thing. We have brought down many recommendations, all of which I hope will be taken up. There was a little bit of misunderstanding the other day when I said that there was a bit of petty jealousy. It is not within the Committee. The petty jealousy to which I was referring is in the States. The Committee brings down sound recommendations and the States, because of their own little petty jealousies, sometimes do not take up those recommendations. That is most regrettable.

Mr Coleman —Not Tasmania.

Mr GOODLUCK —No, not so much in Tasmania; but sometimes the States duplicate those recommendations. They form their own committees two years later and do exactly the same thing.

This is a very hard hitting report which will have a far-reaching effect on the ultralight and aviation sports industry. It is a growth industry-I use the word `industry' advisedly-it is a sport, and it can be argued that if people want to participate in a sport or want to do this or that, whatever happens is their own fault; but there are a lot of implications in the aviation sport involving ultralights. As I have said, it is a growth industry, ultralights are getting faster, they are flying higher and more people are getting involved. Therefore, we want to make certain that the regulations and the ground rules are sound and helpful and will save lives in the long term.

I have been deeply involved, as has every other member of the Committee, in its work. All of a sudden in Hobart there was an ultralight smash in which a person lost his life and the ultralight was a complete wreck. One cannot comment on the matter as the report on the incident has not been handed down, but I understand that the man involved had been in Australia for only 2 1/2 hours. I do not know what the ultralight was like--

Mr Beale —Maybe he flew in on it.

Mr GOODLUCK —You stick to your ceilings. These recommendations may have saved that man's life. That is the important thing and that is what the Committee is all about. The report will help the sport, and if it saves lives that is the important consideration. I implore others of my Liberal and National Party colleagues-the honourable member for Gippsland, Peter McGauran, has been a member of the Committee, as has the honourable member for Bruce, Ken Aldred-to join the Committee. It may not be as fashionable as some of the other committees, such as the Standing Committee on Expenditure or the Joint Committee of Public Accounts where one can climb up the political ladder, but it is an important Committee because it will save lives. I would like to see others of my colleagues join the Committee and work with us to save lives. Sometimes in this House we live for glory, but we must remember that there are people out there who want us to help and guide them in the safety of roads, ships, aircraft and transport in general.