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Thursday, 27 November 1986
Page: 3915

Mr HAWKER —by leave-I, as a member of the Australian delegation, join with my colleague the honourable member for McEwen (Mr Cleeland) in saying that I appreciated very much the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference in London. I endorse the words he said about the Conference. I too think it was very successful. The future of the Commonwealth is very much assured; that was unanimously felt throughout the whole Conference. I endorse the words of the honourable member for McEwen in saying what a marvellous job Mr Kieran Schneemann did in supporting the delegation. His work was absolutely outstanding, and everyone who went on the delegation certainly appreciated it.

I remark on the last point made by the honourable member for McEwen. While in London I was very interested to read in, I think, the Guardian that an agreement was being negotiated between the management of that newspaper and the print unions. The print unions had agreed to what to me was an absolutely staggering thing; they agreed to reduce the work force by 60 per cent-that was by agreement. I do not want to cast aspersions on anyone or draw conclusions but I think that some things over there are being done in a more rational and reasonable manner. I thank the House for this opportunity to speak.