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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Page: 5286

Mr OAKESHOTT (Lyne) (15:41): Mr Speaker, I know there is a great deal of interest in this particular parliament and in six particular members of this parliament. In light of that, it is worth putting on the record support for full confidence in your continuing role in the chair as Speaker. I think it is important in this parliament to have some reflection on and backing up of the words of the previous speaker, the Prime Minister, in consideration of the place that naming has in the full life of the 43rd Parliament. The position that I just took, for example, is not without precedent; it is the same position I have taken before in regard to naming—where possible, in my view, to defend a private member's rights within this chamber. You will see that consistently in regard to issues such as the gag and in the full range of issues in regard to the rights of private members in this chamber. If I do not hear or see a particular issue that leads to a member being named, then I would have difficulty doing anything else other than defending that member's rights. So my position is not without precedent but I do not think it then necessarily leads us to the next step in this 43rd Parliament, which is incredibly tight, of a lack of confidence in your position as Speaker of this chamber. So I appreciate the motion being moved—I think it is appropriate that we do clarify this—and I would hope as a consequence of that today we do see the House once again express full confidence in your ongoing role as Speaker in this chamber.

Question agreed to.

Ms Gillard: I ask that further questions be placed on the Notice Paper.