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Wednesday, 12 October 2011
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Health and Ageing: Governing Boards

(Question No. 556)

Mr Dutton asked the Minister for Health and Ageing, in writing, on 25 August 2011:

For each board in her portfolio (a) what is the title, (b) what are the (i) terms, and (ii) tenure, of appointment, and (c) who are the members.

Ms Roxon: The answer to the honourable member's question is contained in the table A below.

Table A Governing Boards in the Health and Ageing Portfolio

(a) Title

(b) (i) Terms and (ii) tenure of appointment

(c) Membership list at 1 September 2011

Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd Board

Appointments of directors may not exceed three years. Company constitution is silent as to whether the appointments are part-time or full-time.

Prof Joseph Elias Ibrahim, Dr Sally Sophia Goold OAM, Dr John Michael Rungie, Dr June Marion Heinrich OAM, Ms Kate Carnell AO, Dr Andrew John Refshauge, Prof Rhonda Nay, Mr James Harrowell AM, Mr Ian Yates, Mr Mark Brandon

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Board

Appointments of directors may not exceed five years. Appointments are part-time.

Mr William John Beerworth, Mr Richard Bowden, Dr Helena Williams, Ms Christine Alexia Gee, Ms Jane Halton PSM, Mr Russell McGowan, Ms Shelly Park, Dr Timothy John Smyth, Ms Veronica Mary Casey, Dr Andrew Graham Child AM

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Board

Appointments of directors may not exceed three years. Appointments may be on a part-time or full-time basis.

Dr David Filby PSM, Dr Gregory Stewart, Dr Lyn Roberts AM, Mr Brian Pink, Mr David Kalisch, Mr David Stanton, Ms Jessica Cumming, Ms Jane Halton PSM, Ms Margaret Crawford, Prof Terry Dwyer, Ms Samantha Page, Mr James Moore, Dr Andrew Refshauge

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Board

All board appointments are part-time, except the FSANZ Chief Executive Officer. Appointments must not exceed four years with the possibility of appointment for one second consecutive term only.

Ms Philippa Smith AM, Mr Andrew Ian McKenzie, Mr Steve McCutcheon, Mr Tony Nowell, Ms Jenni Mack, Prof Katrine Baghurst, Dr James Murray, Dr Michele Allan, Dr David Roberts, Mr Peter Boyden, Mr Neil Walker, Assoc. Prof Stephen John Corbett

General Practice Education and Training Limited Board

Appointments of directors may not exceed three years. Company constitution is silent as to whether the appointments are part-time or full-time.

Prof David Wilkinson, Dr Michael Taylor, Dr Ruth Kearon, Dr Siew-Lee Thoo, Prof Jeanette Ward, Ms Gloria Kahn, Prof Simon Mark Willcock, Assoc. Prof Elizabeth Chalmers, Dr Eve Tsironis, Dr David Knowles, Dr David Watts, Dr Elizabeth Marles, Dr Rachel Lee

Health Workforce Australia Board

Appointments of members must be for at least 3 years and not exceed 5 years. Appointments are part-time.

Mr James McGinty, Prof Simon Willcock, Prof Emeritus Mary Chiarella, Ms Sandra Capra, Prof James Bishop, Dr Peggy Brown, Prof Andrew Wilson, Mr David Roberts, Dr Brendan Murphy, Dr Felicity Jefferies, Mr Jeffrey Moffet, Dr David Swan, Dr Nigel Lyons,

National Blood Authority Board

Appointments of members may not exceed four years. Appointments are part-time.

Ms Mary Murnane, Prof George Rubin, Mr Paul Bedbrook, Mr Ken Barker, Dr Stephen Christley, Prof Chris Brook, Ms Gayle Ginnane