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Immigration database to generate new skills.

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The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP

Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs


MPS 153/99




The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Philip Ruddock, today announced the release of t he Skill Matching Database on the Internet, part of a package of migration initiatives to ensure Australia gets the skilled workers it needs.


The Skill Matching Database enables migrant applicants overseas to have details of their occupational qualifications listed on an electronic register.


“Employers and State/Territory Governments can then nominate people from the Database to come to Australia, depending on the types of skills and experience that they are seeking,” Mr Ruddock said.


“People listed on the Database have met key threshold criteria relating to skill, age and English language proficiency which ensures that they are highly employable.


The ‘skill matching’ concept has been designed to help regional areas overcome skill shortages by attracting migrants to settle in parts of Australia where their skills are In demand.


Mr Ruddock announced at the same time that the first Regional Australia Summit was being held at Parliament House, that it was highly appropriate for an important resource such as the Skill Matching Database to be made more accessible to employers and development agencies in regional Australia.


“Nominations from the Skill Matching Database are only done on the basis of skill shortages, where vacancies cannot otherwise be filled through the local labour market,” Mr Ruddock said.


“This is closely monitored by key Commonwealth and State/Territory agencies and safeguards the employment and training opportunities of Australian residents."


Other measures introduced by the Government include a diverse range of visa categories designed to:


·  help employers find suitable skilled workers when their job vacancies cannot be filled locally;


·  encourage people with business skills to consider starting a business outside of major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth; and


·  attract skilled people from overseas to settle in less populated areas.


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