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Bid to attract more skilled and business migrants.

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Media Release


Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs


Budget 1998

Media Release No. 3.




The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Philip Ruddock, today announced that $0.9 m a year for four years has been allocated in the 1998-99 Budget to continue Federal Government initiatives designed to attract more skilled and business migrants to Australia.


Mr Ruddock said Skilled and Business Entry programs had proven successful in attracting migrants equipped with skills and capital that provide significant benefits to the Australian economy.


“This funding will enable us to not only continue to operate effective services for business clients, but to conduct targeted information activities to ensure the national and international business community is aware of our programs and how best to utilise them.”


Mr Ruddock said the establishment of Business Centres in each Australian capital city has greatly improved the way in which the Department is able to respond to the needs of Australian business.


“Business Centre managers and staff take seriously the need to provide superior client service to ensure the Australian commercial environment continues to benefit from the entry of business migrants.


“The Business Advisory Panel also provides a very effective channel for the views of business to be put to the Government.


“The BAP comprises a group of senior Australian business people who provide valuable advice to ensure there is a proper balance between the needs of business travellers and immigration requirements.


“The Panel operates through a number of Working Parties, some of which have already begun work on several important reviews, such as the Review of Business Skills Migration.


“Another Working Party provides ongoing advice on business issues in relation to applications for business entry.


“Continuation of funding will ensure these Working Parties operate effectively and provide the Government with expert advice on the full range of skilled and business entry issues”.


12 May 1998


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