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Interactive Gambling and Broadcasting Amendment (Online Transactions and Other Measures) Bill 2011 [2013]

Schedule 1 Amendments relating to online transactions


Interactive Gambling Act 2001

1  Section 4 (after the definition of Federal Court )


financial transaction provider means an entity that facilitates regulated transactions.

2  Section 4 (after the definition of industry standard )


interactive gambling payment means a payment made by way of a regulated transaction as consideration for the provision of an interactive gambling service.

3  Section 4 (after the definition of prohibited internet gambling service )


regulated payment system means a system that is:

                     (a)  provided using a telecommunications service (including an internet carriage service); and

                     (b)  capable of giving effect to financial transactions; and

                     (c)  of a kind prescribed for the purposes of this definition.

4  Section 4 (after the definition of prohibited internet gambling service )


regulated transaction means a financial transaction effected using a regulated payment system, and includes but is not limited to:

                     (a)  extending credit, or the proceeds of credit, to or on behalf of a person, including through the use of a credit card;

                     (b)  an electronic fund transfer from or on behalf of a person;

                     (c)  a transaction of a kind prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.

5  After Part 2A


Part 2B Financial transactions for interactive gambling payments

15B   A customer may request that a payment be suspended or cancelled

             (1)  This section applies to:

                     (a)  a regulated transaction that has commenced but has not been completed; or

                     (b)  a series of 2 or more connected financial transactions, including at least one regulated transaction, that has commenced but has not been completed.

             (2)  If an interactive gambling payment is being made by way of the transaction or transactions, the customer who initiated the payment (or on whose behalf the payment was initiated, as the case may be) may request a financial transaction provider giving effect to the transaction to suspend or cancel the transaction.

15C   Financial transaction provider not liable for suspended or cancelled payments

                   If a financial transaction provider suspends or cancels a transaction in accordance with a request under section 15G,the provider is not liable in any proceedings about the suspension or cancellation taken by or on behalf of an interactive gambling provider.