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CHAIRMAN -I declare open this second session of Estimates Committee C. At the conclusion of our first hearing on 4 September with the Department of Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories, the Committee had completed half of program 1 and all of programs 2, 3, 6 and 7. This evening we will resume at program 1, subprogram 1.7.

Before we proceed to do that I advise everybody that the Committee has agreed to the recording, broadcasting and re-broadcasting of this public hearing in accordance with the rules contained in the Senate order of 23 August 1990. The Committee has also agreed to the presence of additional television cameras from the Parliamentary Sound and Vision Office to facilitate this. This means that you ought to know you are being watched and that, from time to time, the camera will sweep across the assembled people.

SENATOR RICHARDSON -Prior to the resumption of program 1, Mr Blunn would like to say something in reference to something that happened the other night.

CHAIRMAN -Is that on the record, Mr Blunn?

MR BLUNN -Yes, if it pleases you. When last before the Committee, in answer to questions in relation to the Magnetic Keys development, I indicated, on the basis of information available to me, that the matter had been before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and that I believed it had been dealt with to finality. I now understand that is not the case, other than in the sense that the hearing was not proceeded with, I believe on motion from the appellants. I am endeavouring to get more information. It is my intention, if it is acceptable to the Committee, to write you a full explanation tomorrow. But I thought that as soon as I became aware of it I should inform the Committee.

CHAIRMAN -Thank you, Mr Blunn. I am sure the Committee accepts that. We will welcome your letter and make sure that Senator Coulter gets a copy of it.