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Community Affairs Legislation Committee
Program 1—Public health
Subprogram 1.3—Health research and information

Senator FORSHAW —The top of page 72 notes that salary and related expenses were budgeted at $4.24 million, and the estimated outcome is $4.911 million. But the budget this year for 1998[hyphen]99 shows a 33 per cent reduction to $3.288 million. Can you give me some indication of why those figures have jumped about a lot?

Mr Wells —That figure is subject to further adjustment. There was some reduction in the salary for this program because of a cessation of funding for the national breast cancer initiative, which was from about four budgets ago. That accounts for part of it. But the actual salary for that line has been subject to further adjustment. It should be $4.2 million.

Mr Podger —As I think I mentioned earlier, because this is a single appropriation we are still working our way through it. We hope the appropriations are generally correct, but we are working through some of them. This is one that is clearly not going to be as low as this.

[12.05 p.m.]