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Community Affairs Legislation Committee

Proposed expenditure, $3,141,041,000 (Document A).

Proposed provision, $1,409,930,000 (Document B).

Consideration resumed from 3 June 1998.

Senators in attendance:

Senator Herron, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs


Mr Andrew Podger, Secretary

Ms Mary Murnane, Deputy Secretary

Program 1—Public Health

Public Health Division

Ms Liz Furler, First Assistant Secretary

Dr Margaret Dean, Medical Adviser

Dr Cathy Mead, Head, National Centre for Disease Control

Ms Sue Kerr, Assistant Secretary, Drug Strategy and Public Social Marketing Branch

Ms Jan Bennett, Assistant Secretary, National Public Health Planning Branch

Mr David Marcus, Assistant Secretary, Population Health Branch

Ms Fidelma Rogers, Director, Primary Prevention Section, Population Health Branch

Ms Margaret Dorsch, Director, National Diabetes and Injury Unit, Population Health Branch

Ms Laurie Van Veen, Director, Public Health Social Marketing Unit, Drug Strategy and Public Health Social Marketing Branch

Mr Tom Carroll, Senior Adviser, Research and Marketing, Drug Strategy and Public Health Social Marketing Branch

Mr Roger Hughes, Manager, National Drug Strategy Unit, Drug Strategy and Public Health Social Marketing Branch

Mr Jamie Fox, Director, Tobacco and Alcohol Strategies Section, Drug Strategy and Public Health Social Marketing Branch

Ms Lesley Paton, Director, Cancer Unit, Health Promotion Branch

Australia New Zealand Food Authority

Dr Gordon Burch, Chief Scientist

Office of the National Health and Medical Research Council

Mr Robert Wells, First Assistant Secretary

Dr Cindy Wong, Assistant Secretary, Health Advisory Branch

Ms Ann Donovan, Acting Assistant Secretary, Health Research Branch

Mr Peter Fisher, Assistant Secretary, Health Advisory and Workforce Branch

Dr Terry Stokes, Assistant Secretary, GrantNet Branch

Therapeutic Goods Administration

Mr Terry Slater, National Manager

Dr Alex Proudfoot, Principal Medical Adviser

Dr Susan Alder, Director, Drug Safety and Evaluation Branch

Ms Ngaire Bryan, Director, Business and Services Branch

Dr John Cable, Director, Australian Radiation Laboratory

Ms Laurayne Bowler, Director, Chemicals and Non Prescription Drug Branch

Dr Brian Priestley, Scientific Director, Chemicals and Non Prescription Drug Branch

Dr Leonie Hunt, Director, Conformity and Assessment Branch

Dr Elaine Walker, Director, TGA Laboratories Branch

Dr Don Macnab, Director, Nuclear Safety

Program 2—Health Care and Access

Health Benefits Division

Dr Louise Morauta, First Assistant Secretary

Ms Gail Batman, Assistant Secretary, Medicare Benefits Branch

Dr David Graham, Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch

Dr John Primrose, Medical Officer, Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch

Ms Penny Rogers, Assistant Secretary, Diagnostics and Technology Branch

Mr Peter Broadhead, Assistant Secretary, Financing and Analysis Branch

Mr Alan Keith, Assistant Secretary, General Practice Branch

Professional Services Review

Mr Peter Dunnett, Executive Officer

Dr John Holmes, Director

Health Services Development Division

Dr John Loy, First Assistant Secretary

Dr Harvey Whiteford, Assistant Secretary, Mental Health Branch

Ms Christine Woodgate, Assistant Secretary, Health Insurance Development Group

Mr Charles Maskell[hyphen]Knight, Assistant Secretary, Healthcare Agreements

Health Insurance Commission

Dr Jeff Harmer, Managing Director

Mr Graham Mynott, Acting General Manager, Program Management

Mr David Num, General Manager, Finance and Planning

Mr Ralph Watzlaff, General Manager, Professional Review

Mr Graham Grayson, Manager, Health Programs

Mr Morris Trevethan, Senior Pharmaceutical Adviser

Mr Michael Robbins, Manager, Budget Initiatives

Mr Lou Andreatta, Manager, Business Development

Mr Michael Parsons, General Manager, Consultancies Division

Mr George Mein, Manager, Human Resource Services

Medicare Private

Mr Michael Whelan

Program 3—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services

Ms Helen Evans, First Assistant Secretary

Ms Marion Dunlop, Assistant Secretary, Planning and Evaluation Branch

Dr Ian Anderson, Medical Adviser

Program 4—Family and Children's Services

Ms Denise Swift, Acting First Assistant Secretary

Ms Christine Goonrey, Acting Assistant Secretary, Family Services Branch

Mr Ian McRae, Assistant Secretary, Subsidies and Financial Management

Mr Richard Lansdowne, Assistant Secretary, Administration and Development Branch

Ms Judy Raymond, Assistant Secretary, Policy Analysis and Planning

Mr Dennis Mahony, Director, Families and Children Customer Segment Team, Centrelink

Program 5—Aged and Community Care

Ms Jane Halton, First Assistant Secretary

Mr David Learmonth, Assistant Secretary, Policy and Evaluation Branch

Mr Andrew Stuart, Assistant Secretary, Residential Program Management Branch

Ms Pieta Laut, Acting Assistant Secretary, Accountability and Quality Assurance Branch

Mr Warwick Bruen, Assistant Secretary, Community Care

Ms Margaret Kilpatrick, National Manager, Retirement Customer Segment, Centrelink

Program 6—Disability Programs

Mr Barry Wight, First Assistant Secretary

Ms Ruth Goren, Assistant Secretary, Office of Disability

Ms Judy Blazow, Assistant Secretary, Strategic Management Branch

Mr Roger Barson, Assistant Secretary, Policy and Planning Branch

Mr Paul McGlew, Director, Community Service Obligations Section, Office of Hearing Services

Program 7—Leadership and Management

Corporate Services Division

Mr Neville Tomkins, First Assistant Secretary

Mr Mark Johnson, Assistant Secretary, Financial Management

Mr Stephen Dellar, Assistant Secretary, Staff Support and Development

Ms Tricia Searson, Assistant Secretary, Public Affairs, Parliamentary and Access

Dr Robin Bell, Assistant Secretary, Legal Services

Mr Anthony Field, Director, Legal Services Branch

Mr Andrew Wood, Assistant Secretary, Audit and Fraud Control

Ms Wynne Hannon, Attorney[hyphen]General's Department, General Counsel, Legal Services

Portfolio Strategies Group

Dr Robert Wooding, Assistant Secretary, Budget and Performance Strategies

Mr Gerry Linehan, Director, Budget Strategy

Information Technology Group

Dr Ian Heath, First Assistant Secretary

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Dr Richard Madden, Director