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Posted 17/02/2014 by Joy McCann

By User:JimOwensPMP (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Parliamentary Library publication, Women parliamentarians in Australia 1921 ̶ 2013 written

by Janet Wilson and David Black, has been updated to include women elected to federal, state

and territory parliaments to 31 December 2013.

Part 1 consists of tables listing all women elected to Commonwealth, State and Territory

parliaments since 1921. The lists are presented in chronological order of election and

include the age at which the women took their seats, their party affiliation, electoral district

represented, dates of service, and the way in which their period of service ended (whether

they were defeated, retired, resigned, disqualified or died). Part 1 also includes a table

showing women who have been Members of more than one Australian House of Parliament,

and women elected to Australian parliaments classified according to the party of first

endorsement. Part 2 includes lists of the women by the date of their election in 13 time

periods: ten-year periods from 1921 to 1969, and five-year periods since 1970. The lists are

followed by tables summarising the numbers elected since 1921, and the changing

percentage of representation since 1970.

The information contained in the paper is accurate as at 31 December 2013. Since then, a

by-election has been held for the federal seat of Griffith in Queensland in order to replace

former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (ALP) who resigned from the Australian Parliament on 22

November 2013. The by-election, held on 8 February 2014, resulted in the election of Terri

Butler (ALP). This means that the number of women elected to the Australian House of

Representatives has increased by one since 31 December 2013.

A number of parliamentary elections and by-elections are scheduled to be held in 2014. The

Parliamentary Library will publish another update of this paper at the end of the year, and

will also alert readers to changes as they occur during the year.