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Australia's military to get new powers to respond to terrorist attacks.

Major delays on Melbourne's troubled rail network after a train derails at Lilydale. Donald Trump's pole slumps. Six months in office and the US President sets a new record for unpopularity. And faultless Federer. COMMENTATOR: A record eight for Roger.Roger Federer claims his 19th grand slam title, this time at Wimbledon in straight sets.

Hello and welcome to mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Looking at the weather first...

The defence force will take a greater role in helping to respond to domestic terrorism threats under changes to be unveiled today by the Turnbull Government. Some of the changes include an offer of training from special forces soldiers to State and Territory police and removing constraints in the call-out powers under the defence act. Defence reporter Andrew Greene joins us from Canberra now. What is the threshold for defence involvement in terror incidents now?At this stage, as will be the case in the future, State and Territory police forces take the lead in any response to a terrorist incident and when we saw the incident with the Lindt Cafe siege in 2014, there was some criticism that the police there didn't call on their specialised colleagues in the commando units to also help respond. Essentially, under the defence act, the States and tests have to have their own capability or capacity exceeded before the ADF can be called to step in. Under these changes to be unveiled shortly by the Prime Minister, that provision in the defence act will be removed and the Government says that essentially makes it more flexible arrangement and means that the military can get ready to start moving in quicker. When we talk about that Lindt Cafe scenario, the coroner made it clear that he didn't think that the military should have been called in and we certainly know that the military were on stand by if they had been requested to move in by the New South Wales police.In layman's terms, what does that mean that statement now, the capacity needs to be ex yesterdayed before defence is called in?That is a judgement call made by the police commanders. That is whether their own assets can get the job done. Terrorism Sun scenarios are changing rapidly. We are seeing new tactics around the world in terms of lone wolf attacks and various weapons that terrorists are now using, including truck attacks and that sort of thing. In a hostage siege situation, sometimes the specialised police forces may need some of the technology or some of the expertise that those special forces soldiers can bring. As part of that announcement, the Government says it wants those special forces soldiers to provide specialist training to police forces and also to embed some military officers within law enforcement agencies. To get the preparation underway well before any terrorist incident that may occur, I suppose.In the discussions you have had with various officials around this so far, ahead of this announcement by the Prime Minister later today has there been talk of the definition of a terror incident? That was one of the points of contention in the Lindt Cafe siege?I haven't heard that at this stage and we will get more detail when the Prime Minister and the defence minister step up so perhaps that could be part of what the Prime Minister talks about. The crux of these changes will be some legislative amendments to the Defence act and they will need to pass parliament and the Government says it is confident that can be done fairly quickly. But there will also be some finetuning as the military puts it, some senior military figures I have spoken to certainly don't object to anything that has been proposed. They say the call-out powers do work at the moment and they haven't been used incidentally since the Hilton Hotel bombing in el 1970s. It is rare that we call on our troops...I might interrupt you there because the Justice Minister Michael Keenan is speaking right now. Let's listen in. It is a recognition that they are excellent in what they do and we will seek to assist them. It is certainly not a recognition of anything else.Are you confident they will be able to respond as quickly as police or will it be in a different capacity that they are helping?It will be State and Territory police who will always be the primary responders to a domestic counter-terrorism incident T won't be the ADF that are responding and that is not what the Government is proposing. There is niche capabilities that are available to the Defence Force that aren't available to any other agency in Australia. Where we might seek to use those niche capabilities, we need to have arrangements that are as flexible and easy to use as possible. We can provide training and expertise and we will offer to the States the ability to train with our special forces. We will also offer to the States a better liaison arrangement with the ADF by placing ADF officers within State and Territory police.Can you give us a scenario where the new arrangements might work?Here in Queensland, if the Queensland specialist response police wanted to enhance their training regime with our special forces, we will give them that opportunity. We will also give them the opportunity to host a member of the Australian Defence Force within those teams to improve those liaison arrangements. It is important that everyone understands that domestic counter-terrorism response remains primarily the responsibility of our police forces but there will be certain circumstances and we can't always know exactly what form a terrorist attack might take in Australia. There will be certain circumstances where the ADF might be useful. When that is the case, I think Australians would understand we need arrangements that will allow that to happen.Would a Homeland Security office boost our response to a domestic terrorist attack?Our response to domestic terrorism incidents is excellent and world-leading. The primary agencies responsible for doing this are the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, working in conjunction with State and Territory police. That has been incredibly successful and served Australia very well. We have stopped 12 terror attacks on our soil, dreadful things that could have happened here if it wasn't for the ability of our agencies to stop that from happening. I don't believe any country is as well equipped to deal with the terrorism challenges as Australia. Australians should feel confident that the arrangements we have in place at the moment do serve us very well.Do you support the concept of a super ministry, similar to the British home office? Ultimately, matters of Government architecture, that is for the Prime Minister. I want to reassure all Australians that the arrangements we have in place at the moment are exceptionally effective and the evidence for that is the fact we have stopped a dozen terrorist attacks from occurring on our soil. Are you confident that (Inaudible) pull Tony Abbott aside and tell him to stop stirring up dissent in the Liberal Party?I think that the new President, who is a distinguished Australian, was just making the obvious point that if we are talking about ourselves, if we are talking about our disagreements, then we're not talking to the Australian people about what we are doing for them. In those circumstances, the people will mark you down. It is clear that everyone in our team should be part of that team. I suspect that is the point that the new President will be making.He has asked Mr Abbott to sit down with Mr Turnbull and resolve their differences or it could cost them at the next election, what do you read from that?It is just a statement of the obvious that if we aren't all pushing in the same direction, then the Australian people won't be impressed by that. It is vitally important that every member of parliament, that everyone we have in our team is part of that team. We have to do everything we can to stop Bill Shorten and the Labor Party from winning the next election. If that were to occur it would be a disaster for Australia. It is up to us to make sure we will stop that from happening and we can continue to keep Australia in safe hands.Do you think those tensions could be resolved between the two?I don't want to run any more commentary on it than what I have said. I don't think the Australian people will be impressed if we continue to talk about ourselves.Scott Ludlam had to quit from the Senate because of the citizenship - do you think there will be further penalties for him? That will be a matter for others to make that judgement. It struck me as a remarkable oversight. It is well-known to all members of the Australian parliament that you can't hold another nationality and it has been well and truly tested. We have had by elections based on this. It will be up to others to make those judgements. It struck me as an incredible oversight from Senator Ludlam to continue to hold a foreign citizenship.Do you think authorities will look further into it?I am sure they will and they will make judgements about how to proceed. That is not up to me to make those judgements.Today, Barnaby Joyce says Tony Abbott is talking to himself and he needs to stop, what is your view on this?I wasn't aware that the Deputy Prime Minister had done an interview for GQ. I won't say any more than what I have said. It is important we all remain part of a team. People will mark us down if that is not the case.One more question on the domestic terrorism, who has the final call on whether the defence is called in - is it the Police Commissioners, the States or the AFP?The final call rests with the Commonwealth Government. We would be - we would respond favourably to requests that we had from any State for assistance. If a State required the capability that we have within the Commonwealth Government, there is no question that if there was a domestic terrorist incident ongoing that we would provide that capability. The changes that have been announced today make it easy for us to do that.The Palaszczuk Government launched an attack on the Turnbull Government on Saturday about the funding for the Debbie-affected communities. Has that changed anything in terms of the Government's stance? Unfortunately not, it is just a reminder that dealing with this Government is just like dealing with a student union. We don't have to deal with this sort of silliness with any other Government around Australia. We have long standing arrangements to deal with how we respond to disasters in Australia. That disaster assistance is not a slush fund for us to build new infrastructure. It is for us to collaborate with the State Government to rebuild damaged infrastructure. The Palaszczuk Government couldn't get over the first hurdle of providing us with information about the damage. It is frustrating because they do behave in the most child-like manner. All they are interested in doing is scoring a political point as opposed to working together to build affected communities. I would ask them to grow up, behave like every other State Government in the country, who we have very good arrangements with, and work with us in a sensible manner if they are serious about doing something.We will leave that there for the moment. That was live from the Gold Coast, Michael Keenan covering a range of issues, and he was surprised Barnaby Joyce had made the pages of GQ, the fashion magazine. Primarily talking about the changes to the laws that the Government is proposing about the terrorism laws here in Australia. We are expecting Malcolm Turnbull to step up for a media conference on that. He is at Holdsworthy army base in Sydney this morning. We will bring you that live on ABC News. An overnight train derailment has caused delays in Melbourne. Metro says the wheels of a maintenance train carrying equipment came off the track around 1 o'clock this morning. Melissa Brown joins us. Where did this happen?It is in Melbourne's outer eastern at the end of one of the lines, so that has caused problems in that this station, which is now blocked off and remains blocked off because the derailed train is still behind me stuck in the gravel. It services this suburb but all the outlying towns around here, the town of Healesville and the Yarra Valley commuters would drive into this station here and commute in for the rest of the way.What has been the reaction from commuters this morning?Monday is hard enough for workers anywhere without this happening. Not only has their morning been delayed and every one of them I spoke to this morning said they would be running late but this has come so close to when the entire network shut down on Thursday. It is just another delay for the commuters and this is what some had to say this morning.A continuous disaster after last Thursday's delightful interruption to people trying to get home.Were you caught up in that? Yes.How are you feeling now?That was a three hour wait for me to get home from Hawthorn. That was great and today, I don't understand, how does a train derail?I have to get a bus and then I don't know what will happen tonight. Last Friday was no different.Any words you would like to say to Metro?Please sort yourselves out. Get it fixed out this way because it is a fairly constant thing out this way.Pretty frustrated passengers there. Talk us through the people from outside Victoria, the challenges or the incidents that have happened on the Metro lines over the past year or so?As they said recently on Thursday night, we had an entire network closure in the peak hour. A computer glitch shut down - the way they described it was like an air traffic control losing its radar, so they couldn't see the trains on the track and had to shut them down for several hours. Metro is going through a contract renegotiation. This is bad timing for them, for incidents like this to happen. Today's incident is one of Metro's own trains that has derailed, a train that takes maintenance equipment around the network. It is another headache for this operator. Is there any clear idea as to actually why it derailed and how long it will take to fix up?They said two wheels on one of the carriages came off the rails here at the station, in between the two platforms at the station and that is what pulled half a dozen other carriages off and got them bogged into the gravel. At the moment they are looking into what sparked that, what caused them to come off the rails. They haven't brought equipment in to try and clear the scene still. The train is still sitting there and looks like it could be there for a while.We are seeing a few kids go past you, is it back to school today after school holidays?It is a lot for everyone to try and get back into their routines again and to have this happen throws everything out. There is a stream of buses coming in because the trains are running from the next station along. Metro is ferrying people down by bus to the next station. It is still causing delays. It is longer for them to do that.The kids don't look too unhappy that they have missed the first half hour back at school for the term.(LAUGHS) Thanks Melissa. In Sydney, buses are replacing trains on the North Shore line this morning after a death at Wahroonga. A transport official is warning of lengthy delays as the T1 line remains closed between Hornsby and Gordon. Shuttle trains will run in affected areas and interstate trains will be diverted via Strathfield. Four men have been released without charge after the weekend death of a woman in Melbourne's CBD. The body of the woman aged in her 20s was found in a serviced apartment in Market Street around 8:00am yesterday morning. James Hancock joins us from Melbourne. Take us through the latest on this?At this stage, it is unclear exactly what happened in the lead-up to the woman's death. Her body was found inside one of the serviced apartments behind me here in Market Street between the busy thoroughfares of Collins and Flinders Street in the heart of the CBD early yesterday morning. Police and paramedics were called here at 8 oh clook where they made the grim discovery. The woman has yet to be formally identified but as you said, yesterday four men reportedly in town from interstate on a bucks night were questioned by police. By evening, they were released without charge. This woman is described as being aged in her 20s. She was wearing a black long sleeve top, blue denim shorts and white runners. The Homicide Squad, I am told, is busy investigating this morning. At this stage, this early stage in the day, police aren't planning on providing a public update on the investigation today. Anyone with information who can help out that investigation is urged, as usual, to get in contact with Crime Stoppers. Thanks James.

An Australian woman is reported to have been shot dead by police responding to a 911 emergency call in Minneapolis. The woman, aged 40, has not yet been formally identified. Local media say neighbours are mystified as to what happened. The mayor of Minneapolis says the bureau of criminal apprehension will lead an investigation into the shooting. She understands police body cameras and squad camera were not switched on at the time. US President Donald Trump's approval rating is the lowest of any President after six months in office in the past 70 years according to a Washington poll that the President has criticised. Ben Knight has more from Washington. This was the ABC News Washington Post poll. It is highly regarded. Gets an A plus and it has been tracking Presidents since Harry S Truman and today it is comparing what Donald Trump rates with what the other Presidents have rated. Most were still in a honeymoon period, even the ones at the lower end of the spectrum like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. There are a couple of outliars who were underwater. One was Gerald Ford, not surprisingly, he was rating about 39% after he had just pardoned the previous President Richard Nixon. He wasn't the most popular guy and the other one was Bill Clinton, who as we know went on and became the come back kid. He left office with approval ratings around 66% after a number of scandals. Donald Trump has set a new record, rating at 36% approvals. He has set a new record in disapprovals, up around 58%. If you look into this, there is one bit of good news for Donald Trump. His base is holding. The areas he performed strongly in during the election, they are still supporting him strongly. On the down side, those voters who had flipped, that had previously voted for Barack Obama in those districts and went over to Donald Trump, he is starting to lose those. Donald Trump has responded on Twitter, saying the pole shows he is almost at 40% which he says is not bad but that the ABC News Washington Post poll was the most inaccurate poll around election time. They really were two points off predicting the election result at the last presidential election and that was within the margin of error. Donald Trump talked about all the things he would do on day one immediately, health care being one of them. There were a number of speeches he gave during the election campaign where he talked about repealing and replacing ObamaCare immediately was the word he used over and over again. That hasn't happened. With Presidents, as you know, the first six months is crucial. It is their honeymoon period, their best chance to get any major or signature piece of legislation through. Health care is stuck in the Senate. Donald Trump has spent the weekend trying to get wavering Republicans on board. It is looking less and less likely that that will happen. Not really anything to - he hasn't signed a major piece of legislation. Lots of executive orders which have unwound the legacy of Barack Obama but no major piece of legislation. It is because his administration is still mired in the Russia issue. This week it will only get worse. Members of his campaign team we are expecting will go to Congress this week and it sucks the oxygen out of everything from health care, tax reform, North Korea is being swamped by this Usha issue. Republicans who have previously stuck by him are starting to get frustrated while Donald Trump is preparing to shift the blame to them should the health care bill fall over. That could well be a toxic relationship. Many of the Republicans are up for election in 2018. If he starts to hang it on them, it might be time for them to turn on him. It is not looking good. Figures from the latest census show the number of young Australians who own their own home has been falling for three decades. A report by the Grattan Institute has found in 1986, 58% of Australians aged 25-34 opened their own homes. That figure has fallen to 45%. Brendan Coates authored the report and he joins us now. Has that number fallen consistently over the three decades or has it happened faster more recently?Yes, it has fallen consistently over the last couple of decades. I would make a distinction between some of the falls in the earlier decades from the mid-1980s are really about delays in when people are getting married and when they form households and having families. The more recent falls we have seen, so we are down 6% points for each of the age groups for 25-34, and over the last decade it relates to worsening housing affordability because house prices have risen so much it has put home ownership out of reach of younger Australians.How are you able to say that? Definitively?If you look at the break down of age and income, home ownership rates have fallen the most amongst the poorest 20% of households in each of those age groups. 25-34-year-olds, home rates are down 30%, the wealthiest 20% of those at that age, the numbers haven't changed.What is happening for other age groups?You see similar trends although not as large as that 30% fall. The pattern is consistent. Poorer households in each age cohort have seen larger falls in home ownership than those in the wealthiest 20% and that seems to reflect that housing is becoming less affordable and it is essentially the rising prices and the rising burden of peoples' budgets and incomes stopping them from purchasing property.Were you able to look at the census figures to work out how many people own multiple properties and how that has increased over the decades?That is obviously the flip side of the falling rates of home ownership. If you think over the last three decades we have seen large increases in house prices. Who does that benefit? Older Australians that already own property or purchased property at multiples of your income. As prices have risen, those cohorts, the older Australians, have tended to become the mum and dad investors that Treasurer Scott Morrison talks about so much. They have the equity in their home and they can finance the purchase of an investment property.What do you see is the cause of this?It has multiple causes. One of the causes is on the supply side where we haven't built enough homes, our
particularly in the inner suburbs of our major cities. Some of the reasons why house prices have risen so much, partly it is lower interest rates, lower inflation and greater access to credit. They are generally good things. They have allowed people to purchase more and better housing. Some of the tax breaks that exist, particularly at the Commonwealth level, so the change in the capital gains tax discount back in 2000 has fuelled an increase in investment in housing amongst property investors. That is one of the reasons why house prices have increased.Are you able to guess as to what extent that has fuelled this issue?If you have a benefit in the tax system that encourages people to purchase housing, that value tends to be capitalised into the house price. Our estimate is if you halve the capital gains tax discount to 25% and abolish negative gearing, house prices would only be two or three per cent lower than where they are now. It is a contributing factor but it is not the main one. Most of the driver is on the supply side. You see that in the fact that most of the increase in house prices reflects increases in the value of land that is scarce close to city centres and close to jobs.I don't know if you have seen this story but one of our reporters, business reporter, recently took a detailed look at the figures on the supply side of things and questioned the extent to which supply had been a factor. What do you make of the way he has looked at this?I have seen that story. The way I respond to that would be housing supply has increased through time. I don't think it has kept up with population. I distinguish the housing market into two periods. There is the period up to the late 90s where it was less of a supply issue where you have seen great access to credit, changes to the tax concessions that have made people purchase more and better housing. From the early 2000 onwards, we saw an increase in population and we didn't see an increase in housing supply for a decade. I have seen Michael's story, it argues that it depends on when you - what starting point you take to calculate whether there is an oversupply or undersupply of housing in the market. The national supply council took the mid-20s and that is the right point to take and that suggests you get a large supply shortfall.Thanks for talking to us this morning. Time for a check of the weather, good morning to Nate Byrne. What is happening in SA today? I read the weather for Adelaide and they were predicting potentially damaging winds?That is right. Good morning. I have a graphic showing you the warning area. A severe warning for damaging winds. On the forecast we are looking at winds between 50-65km/h sustained wind gusts maybe up to 95. There was a recording of 106km/h earlier this morning.That is certainlying on cyclonic?It feels that way, yes. This far south no cyclones because they are driven by the tropical warmth further north. Where was that registration of 106? That was on Neptune Island in the Spencer Gulf. So therish, roughly. I haven't seen any big wind recordings after that. 50-60km/h gusts at the moment. That is expected to happen through the day today. Not surprising I haven't seen more of that now.There is another front coming in behind that?There is. Let's take a look at the maps. I will will show you the system causing that, it is thanks to this low moving to the south. The next one coming in, you can see that in the left-hand corner of your screen. That will start affecting WA tomorrow, probably later on tomorrow and bringing some more rain for Perth. This is what winter is supposed to look like in Australia. We are finally there.We waited a while.We got there.What do you call a low down there, a tropical low and east coast low we refer to all the time with a cyclone or when there is a low that lashes the New South Wales coast. What do you call one in the Bight, is that a Bight low?We call it a low. The lows in westerlies, the reason we talk about the east coast low is because it is a low in easterlies and just the kind of mechanics behind it change. It draws down the tropical warmth and moisture. In the low it is bringing a polar cold.Good stuff. Take us around the States and tests today. I notice it was 30 degrees in Mount Isa today?Yes, it is warm in the north of the country. Looking at Queensland first...

Raze cheers, Nate.

The top stories today: The Defence Force will take a greater role in terrorism
helping to respond to domestic proposed
terrorism threats under changes proposed by the Federal Government. The overhaul would make it easier for troops to be deployed under callout powers. Justice Minister Michael Keenan says police will still take the lead. A train morning.
derailment in Melbourne this morning. A maintenance came off tracks at one o'clock. And buses are replacing trains in Sydney on the shore shore North Shore line. A record disapproval rating for Donald Trump. The survey is highly regarded and came within two points of predicting last year's election. And Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has -- won Wimbledon. It is also Federer's record 19th grand slam singles title. A 40-year-old Australian woman shot dead by the police in the US city of Minneapolis month.
was engaged and to be married next month. Neighbours say they are mystified as to what happened. Minneapolis police have given this statement.Officers were dispatched. When officers responded, an officer involved shooting occurred, which resulted in one adult female victim, who is deceased and which has prompted our callout to the BCA, the bureau of criminal apprehension, who will now further be conducting this investigation, this officer-shooting from this point forward.Hat that is a developing story, an Australian woman shot dead in the US and work to get more it details during the morning. 80% of job ads in foreign publics are offering below the minnium wage. The union employed people on Chinese and Korean web sites. Mark Morey, how did you look into this? . We got a number of anecdotal responses from young people in particular and we not we need to go out and confirm it is happening rather than just hypothesising We employed translators and they confirmed 80% of the jobs were below the award rate and paying on average $5 or more under the award rate. So what are examples of some of the jobs on offer and what is the actual pay they were being offered?The majority of the jobs are in retail, small retail. They are also in positions
hospitality. They're entry-level positions but they are asking what should be good jobs but being paid below award rates.Is this primarily in major cities or regional Australia?It is across the whole of Australia, predominantly in the major capital cities, certainly Sydney. One of the things we are concerned about, where there are small businesses doing the right thing, those businesses are being undermined by these businesses who are offering below aAcademy Awards rates.How -- below award rates. How many businesses did you call?We did over 200 businesses and confirmed whether they were paying the rates. A number of businesses got back to us and said there was a mistake or they hadn't realised but the majority of the businesses didn't respond and they are the ones we are going it shame on our website.What else can you do about this?I think there is a need for the government, particularly the Turnbull Government, to actually look how we put police, start policing the underpayment of wages in this country. It is an epidemic and it actually has to be addressed. It is no good just saying we hope it will get better, action has to be taken. One of the things we are suggesting is unions should have an ability to inspect books in businesses where they have evidence and they know the businesses are systemically underpaying workers.You mentioned you will shame the businesses in your website, can you take them to the Fair» «Work Commission?If I go for to a coffee shop and pick up the tip jar and run out, I am criminally prosecuted for theft but if you are an employer who systematically underpays workers, you can pay them at the last minute and there are no penalties and can do it again. We need a tightening up of laws of underpayment of wages.A coalition government wouldn't be happy because they had a pull back on union powers and a royal commission into unions. Why do you think the government should go back on what it has done? It says unions have been doing the wrong thing for a long time and they needed to be pulled back into line? I think what the the Turnbull Government has got to do is the right thing by small businesses. They are being under cut by the black market and it is not fair. The government needs to step in. We support good businesses with the right pay. We are trying to assist them with a market where they can pay. Unless the government steps in, small businesses doing the right wing will run out of business.-- doing the right thing will be run out of business. Are you running a legal risk?We have identified the the
businesses and written to each of the businesses twice to confirm what they have done is correct. Some of them have contacted us. In one instance, an employer paid $8,000 back pay to a dozen employees. We we can
have done the work to ensure as best we can we are sure of what we are saying. That is why we had translators go and check. We didn't want to shame people without knowing, we did the investigative work.Now, the mother of murdered backpacker is lobbying for safer conditions for overseas workers in Australia. Mia Ayliffe was stabbed to death last year. Rosie Ayliffe is pushing for changes to the 88-day farm work scheme.Mia always wanted to travel. She started referring to Australia as home.Mia had to do 88 days of farm work if she wanted to stay in Australia for another year. Small, never been there. Mia was anxious that year.Tom Jackson will be remembered as a hero. The 30-year-old was stabbed more than 20 times.Police allege 29-year-old French national went on a stabbing rampage.It just came out of nowhere. Astonishing, terrifying. Devastating.I understand it is difficult to lose a child in any circumstances but when it is your only child and you are a single parent, it is your entire world that is gone. Rosy started to understand there were problems with the 88-day visa system.There is a dark side. People can find themselves at risk. There is a message here that I have received from a backpacker who is suffering from sexual harassment. I want to see the reform of the system. I am at the point now where I feel I should go out to Australia and find out for myself what is going on. There have been a couple of moments of acute anxiety where I have thought that the trip to Australia might be a too much for me. But we shall see.And you can see the second part of that story on Australian Story tonight on ABC TV at 8 p.m. The new star of Dr Who has been revealed. Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman to play the time lord. She is best known for her role in Broadchurch and will take over from Peter Capaldi Time-travel show Dr Who is making history. Jodie Whittaker says she overwhelmed to be cast as the drama's first female doctor. It is a role that demands a huge range of emotion. Something Jodie has often demonstrated from early appearances in comedies like Saint Trinnians'sYou have to forgive me, me brain doesn't kick in until Wednesday.To playing a bereaved mother in award-winning murder drama, Broadchurch.It's complicated.Of course.A show in which she has appeared opposite a former Dr Who companion, and a former doctor, in David Tennant. Casting strong female leads has been a popular strategy with audiences in films like star wars and on TV in shows like Game of Thrones. Do you think all fans will welcome a female doctor?I think most will, some won't be sure but they should remember that Dr Who is all about change and this is potentially an exciting change.With the BBC having committed itself to greater diversity, it will hope the announcement will excite viewers and demonstrate the time-travel show has moved firmly into the twenty-first century. The top stories today, the Federal Government is proposing an expansion of the Australian Defence Force's role in helping state and territory police deal with terrorist incidents. Morning commuters have been left frustrated in Melbourne's east after a freight train derailed overnight, and a poll shows Donald Trump has the lowest 6-month approval rater of any President in the last 70 years. In 1940, hundreds of suvillians -- civilians in small boats set sail to rescue 300,000 British troops on German shores. Dunkirk is a new film by Christopher Nolan. Katherine Tulich spoke with Christopher Nolan and a new star on the film Dunkirk.There are 400,000 men on this beach.What has happened is a colossal military disaster. (PLANE SOARS) Obviously, we are used to you taking us into all sort of cinematic landscapes, what is the connection? Dunkirk is a story I grew up with, it is in my bones, like most British. I don't remember the first time somebody told me about the events of Dunkirk. As a British person it has that amazing resonance which was reinforced I made on a trip with Emma, a friend with a small boat and they took us over at the same time of year the evacuation took place. I came away from the experience malve marvelling the real people who helped out with the evacuation. And it cemented in me a fascination of what inspired that in people, what was the situation that led to the greatness.The call went out, we have to go to Dunkirk.Ready on the stern line.Do you know where we are going?Into war, George.Of course, using your imagination and the sets is extraordinary but you have to service the truth. Was it more of a challenge for you in this film?Well, it was inspiring to me to be able to change my creative process. I have never worked on a real-life story, when you are writing you want to create the whole world you want it to take place and then figure out the maze. With this, it was already there. I had to learn it and get to know it and then create fictional characters I could use to guide me and guide the audience through the labyrinth of the events that give them a cohesive picture. I really enjoyed that shift to my creativeive process.You take us through three saw scenarios, land, sea and air. How important was it for the perspective?I wanted to tell the story subjectively and I didn't want to cut to generals in rooms pointing on things in map and I didn't want the audience to not know what the characters experienced, you need different points of view that interact, you need to see the same event from land, from the sea, the air and start to get a picture of the bigger scale of the eevacuation. I wanted to find a way to do that where I could maintain the suspense and intensity of a subjectively told story. (GUN FIRE) # Tell us a little bit about Tommy? For the audience, he is really the sole of this film. He really, as we see it through his eyes, don't we? Yeah, I think it is a great choice on Chris' part to have this - to have Tommy introduce you to this world. Because he is such an easy character to sympathise and relate to, because of his age and because of his compassion, it is clear he has an overwhelming sense of humanity, it means it sucks you in straight away.Did you know much about Dunkirk? Did you do a lot of research?Yeah, we did a lot of research. And did know about Dunkirk but we did an unbelievable amount of research and know it really well. People grow up with the spirit of Dunkirk which set the tone in the UK for the rest of the war. The amazing coming together of the communities and everybody meshing together for support and without it we could have a different outcome.You are weekend sailors, not the bloody navy, you should be at home.You have a job to do.You shot scenes in Dunkirk?We shot the biggest chunk in Dunkirk. What is the feeling like, is the community aware?It is very sobering and it added something to the film that wouldn't have been there otherwise. There was a definite presence there and for there is a definite feeling about the town, it is a town still reeling from the shock because it was so devastated by the war, you can walk down one site, gorgeous old architecture and the other side, the concrete block building where they had to reinstate it after it had the hell bombed out of it. And it affected everybody's mood and performance and it shows on the film. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall never surrender. We shall never surrender. Looks like a good flick. Paul Kennedy joins uzwith a look at sport. Great to have you back, stan vu -- Stan Wawrinka is calling Federer the best?What are you doing following him?I love Stan the Man. Come on, you have got more important things to do that. The greatest men's player of all time.Men's. Yes, a couple of years ago when he amassed the grand slams there was a gap between him and Nadal but Nadal had are a better record against Federer so man-to-man was he better even though he won more grand slams and then Novak Djokovic came and appeared to be unbeatable and that debate could be fruitless, really. But now, he has come back to this period, he has won the Australian Open, picking and choosing tournaments, he didn't appear in the French Open, a master stroke, not able Poor to...Old Cilic with his blisters?Yes, no good for him. Even if he was fully fit, Roger Federer would have been a strong favourite to take him out in straight sets as he did in the end. He doesn't look like a man who has been playing tough tennis for two weeks He just looked like he turned up for work. Maybe we should all take the approach and take six months off. Pick and choose, I will take Tuesdays. It is an interesting one. If he continues, even for another 12 months, even if he stops now you could probably say he is the best ever. It is difficult to compare generations. But for longevity, wow, that is something.He has got 19 titles compared to Rafael Nadal's 14 or 15?Yes, a gan of 4, now 5. But you can't read the list and say it is the best, he is up against guys from a different era who would have won more grand slams if they were available, had they not go and be professional and be split up from the so-called amateurs. It would be hard to argue that someone is better than Roger Federer, particularly if he keeps going and winning. He can put his plan into place to prepare for the US Open and you wouldn't pick a player in the pack to knock him off.Maybe Cilic without blisters?They will have to come back after dips in their careers but it is not the end for them.That Novak Djokovic story is increasing. Turning to the women's, what did you make of Garbine Muguruza's victory over Venus?The celebration was something to really like as well. Fantastic. She wasn't talked about much until the second week and then obviously, all of the news was about Venus Williams and there so-called fairytale of winning it again after she had won five. But Garbine Muguruza is an interesting character. She won the first tournament in 2011 and I am finding it hard to put it in a snap shot but won so few tournaments, the only player to rack up two grand slam victories and winning two others. Outside grand slams?Yes, she has won a few tournaments and now two grand slams and beating in straight sets, the Williams sit sisters. She beat Serena in France. Will she become the top player in the world. While you are away, the Tour de France is on. I am surprised you took holidays.I been staying across it and very disappointed Richie Porte is not somebody being talked about.Before you went on break you were talking him up and going in as favourtAt this stage, he would be jostling with Chris Froome in the lead. But Chris Froome had mechanical issues and had to replace a back wheel but it only took a short while and Bauke Mollema won the stage and Chris Froome maintains the lead of 18 seconds over Fabio Aru. So Chris Aru. So Chris Froome was grimacing on the line and then smiling shortly therefore. There he goes.Matthews over the weekend, the Australian, took a stage win?Yes, Michael Matthews took the stage win, his nickname is Bling, we have talked about him on the show, the stage was perfect for him and perfect for him and he was able to do that the great Australian moment for the tour so far. No real dominant figures in the sprints this year for the Australians. Math -- - Michael Matthews, a good all-rounder. A good moment for Australia.Good to have you back, Paul.Good to be back.Time for a check of the weather again, here is check of the weather again, here is
Nathaniel Byrne.Good morning a wind warning of peak gusts up to 90km/h and looking at the satellite, we will see a cold front bringing the winds and wet conditions. On the synoptics, a high pressure system is being squeezed by the next front coming from the west. Taking a look around the states:

Cheers, Nate. How is this for a balancing act. I have done it once or twice but at a height of 1 foot and fallen off 100 times. This takes place 400m above ground and the only thing to stand on is 2.5cm wide. It is the conditions the slackliners had to endure. A bit of juggling. 16 players from around the world headed to China, wow! Look at that! Slackliners have to balance themselves with their arms and keep adjusting their postures, woooh! Yes, good stuff to see people pushing the boundaries all over the world with that. Stick with us on the ABC News channel. We are waiting for the Prime Minister to step up with the media conference to outline planned changes to law when the Defence Force can get involved in terrorist-related incidents here in Australia. Stick with us on the ABC News Channel. This program is not captioned.

Today - Australia's defence force to get new powers to respond to domestic terrorism incidents under a Government overhaul.Domestic counter-terrorism response remains primarily the spOment of our police forces. There will be certain circumstances where the ADF might be useful.

A 40-year-old Australian woman shot dead by police in the US city of Minneapolis. Donald Trump's polls slump, the approval rating tumbles to an all time low after six months in office. Making history...A record eight for Roger.Roger Federer triumphs at Wimbledon for a record 8th time. Welcome to mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Looking at the weather first...