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Former Independent member Phil Cleary endorses Australian Greens candidate for Wills

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Media Release 28 June 2016

Australian Greens Leader

Senator Di Natale

Australian Greens Candidate for Wills - Samantha Ratnam

Former Independent Member Phil Cleary endorses Australian Greens Candidate for Wills

Leader for the Australian Greens Senator Richard Di Natale and Australian Greens candidate for Wills Samantha Ratnam received a strong endorsement from former Independent Member for Wills, Phil Cleary.

“We are getting so much positive support from members of the community here in Wills saying that they are so desperate for a new voice to represent them in the Australian Parliament,” Senator Di Natale said.

“We know that the best way to see action on critical issues, along with a more progressive, optimistic, forward looking vision for the country, is to see more Greens in the Parliament.

“Phil has been somebody who has represented many of the values that the greens are passionate about,” Senator Di Natale said.

“I’m calling on the people of Wills to break the control of the major parties on the Parliament. One way to do that is to vote for Samantha Ratnam at the Federal election, to vote Green,” former Independent Member for Wills Phil Cleary said.

“The two major parties are telling you that a vote for the independents and a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote. Never has anything been more untrue than those comments.

“I hope that Samantha Ratnam is elected and that Greens and independents are elected across the country to break the major party duopoly in Canberra and to bring about a new, fairer and more just Australia.

“A vote for Samantha Ratnam is a vote for progress and justice and a fairer Australia. This independent will be voting Green at the Federal election,” former Independent Member for Wills Phil Cleary said.

Australian Greens Candidate for Wills Samantha Ratnam said that Phil Cleary was deeply admired and respected in the community and that she had a deep personal connection to his work.

“Phil knows this community so well and he has also seen this community change. This election the people of Wills have a real prospect of change, of electing someone who can be a strong, local and progressive voice to represent their views and to advocate for them, Ms Ratnam said.

“The people of Wills are saying to us that they want a party that will create the jobs for the future, tackle the deep issues of inequality, protect and care for our beautiful environment and care for those people seeking asylum and refuge in Australia,” Ms Ratnam said.

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