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Putin trying to build 'new Berlin wall' -

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STEVE CANNANE, PRESENTER: A column of armoured vehicles bearing Russian flags has rolled into a town in Eastern Ukraine.

Six armoured personnel carriers have made their way into the town of Sloviansk, where pro-Russian rebels already control the mayor's office.

Witnesses say at least three of the vehicles had been under Ukrainian control earlier in the day.

SOLDIER (voiceover translation): The paratroopers have switched to the people's side. You can count for yourself how many of us there are. The self-defence army of Donbass.

STEVE CANNANE: Ukrainian forces have reclaimed an airfield outside Kramatorsk, but rebels still controlled infrastructure in about 10 other towns.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukraine is on the brink of civil war, while the Ukrainian Prime Minister has accused Mr Putin of exporting terrorism and trying to build a new Berlin Wall.