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Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (Classification Tools and Other Measures) Bill 2014

Originating house
House of Representatives
Before Senate


Amends the: Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 to: enable certain content (including online and mobile device content) to be classified using classification tools; enable the secretary (or their delegate) to notify law enforcement authorities about certain content without first having the content classified; establish additional exempt film categories for certain films covering natural history and the social sciences; provide that publishers will no longer be able to apply for exemption certificates for unclassified films or computer games; provide for exemptions for unclassified content to be screened at festivals, special events and by cultural institutions; remove the need to have classified content reclassified when certain modifications are made to the content; enable the minister to determine display and consumer advice requirements for classified content; and make technical amendments; and Broadcasting Services Act 1992 to make consequential amendments.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 19/03/14  
Second reading moved 19/03/14  
Second reading debate 25/03/14  
Second reading agreed to 25/03/14  
Third reading agreed to 25/03/14  
Introduced and read a first time 26/03/14  
Second reading moved 26/03/14  

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  • Referred to Committee (27/03/2014): Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee; Report due 27/08/2014
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