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Safety check: amid rising concerns about dodgy imported building materials, the Senate launches an inquiry

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23 / 6 / 2015

Amid rising concerns about dodgy imported building materials, the Senate launches an inquiry:

SAFETY CHECK Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, today announced a Senate inquiry into the safety and legality of imported building materials in Australia. The inquiry, co-sponsored by Senators John Madigan of Victoria and Jacqui Lambie of Tasmania and approved by the Senate today, was set up amid rising safety concerns about substandard imported building materials and the lax rules that let them into the country. High profile incidents have included massive windows falling off the new ASIO headquarters in Canberra and a hi-rise building fire in Melbourne’s Docklands last year that quickly spread when the exterior cladding -- imported from China - caught on fire, something that should have been impossible under Australian building regulations. The inquiry follows consultation between Senators Xenophon, Madigan and Lambie with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Australian Windows Association chief executive Tracey Gramlick, and other representatives of Australian building products makers, which are required to meet strict safety standards. Senator Xenophon said a key aspect of the inquiry will be the inspection and regulation framework that was clearly failing. “This inquiry is a breakthrough in addressing what many in the building industry and their clients have known for some time: Australia has become a dumping ground for some of the world’s dodgiest and most dangerous building products,” said Nick. The full terms of reference of the inquiry, to be conducted by the Senate Economics References Committee, can be viewed here (p2):;fileType=application%2Fpdf A link to the latest statement from the HIA on a possible Senate inquiry is here: