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Friday, 23 November 1979

Senator Mason asked the Minister representing the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, upon notice, on 19 September 1979:

(   1 ) How many officers in the Public Service Departments and statutory authorities within each Minister's jurisdiction have resigned to contest elections pursuant to Public Service Board General Order 3/D/4, for each Federal general election held since 25 October 1 969.

(2)   How many officers in each Department and statutory authority were unsuccessful and were re-employed in exactly the same position of employment, in respect of each election.

(3)   What was the average period of the resignations in each Department and authority in respect of each election.

Senator Carrick - The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1)   I am advised that officers resigning from the Australian Public Service are not required to give reasons for their resignations and that it is usually only possible to identify persons who resign to contest elections if and when they apply for reappointment under Section 47c of the Public Service Act. It is therefore not possible to provide an answer to this part of the question.

(2)   and (3) Section 47c of the Public Service Act provides that officers who resign from the Australian Public Service to contest certain specified types of elections and who are unsuccessful may be reappointed by the Public Service Board at their previous level provided they apply for such reappointment within two months of the declaration of the result of the election. Information provided by the Public Service Board in respect of persons reappointed under Section 47c following Federal general elections held since 25 October 1969, is contained in the following schedule. Also included in the schedule is the period of absence from the Service in each case or, where more than one person was involved, the average period of absence.

I am advised that while it is a requirement of Section 47c that reappointees resume duty at their pre-existing level, it is not a requirement that they be re-engaged in exactly the same position. Statistics are not available in respect of reappointees who resumed duty in their former positions. The schedule includes information in respect of officers employed under the Public Service Act other than officers of the Parliamentary Departments.


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