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Wednesday, 14 October 1914

Senator RUSSELL (VICTORIA) (Assistant Minister) - In the absence of my colleague, I desire, for the information of the honorable senator, to read the following communication from the Department : -

With reference to your letter, of the 9th instant, covering an extract from Hansard of the 8th idem, regarding the desire of Senator Findley that Mr. Swinburne's report upon the action which was threatened against the Commonwealth for the infringement of a wireless telegraphy patent, as well as the papers on the subject, be laid upon the table of the House, I am directed by the Postmaster' General to inform yon that he does not think it advisable that the papers in question should be laid on the table of the House under the circumstances of the case. There is, however, no objection to Senator Findley seeing them confidentially if he so desires.

Senator FINDLEY - Has the Government any objection to lay on the table of the Senate a statement of the facts leading to the settlement of the action which was brought by the Marconi Company against the Commonwealth?

Senator Needham - A statement show ing how the action stands.

Senator FINDLEY - Yes, and whe ther it is true, as stated in the press, that the action was settled for £5,000. Has the Government any objection to give us all particulars in regard to the settlement?

Senator RUSSELL - I will be pleased to bring the request of the honorable senator under the notice of the PostmasterGeneral, and let him know the reply at a later stage.

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