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Proposed expenditure, $1,046,985,000 (document A).

Proposed provision, $1,002,889,000 (document B).

Senators in attendance:

Senator Hill, Minister for the Environment

Senator Herron, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet--

Mr Bill Blick, Executive Coordinator

Departmental Policy Coordination

Dr David Harrison, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Economic Division

Ms Patricia Scott, Assistant Secretary, Fiscal Policy

Mr Alan Henderson, First Assistant Secretary, Industry Policy

Ms Katrina Edwards, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Income Support

Ms Pru Goward, Executive Director, Office of the Status of Women

Ms Clare Nairn, Assistant Secretary, Office of the Status of Women

Ms Sarah Marshall, Office of the Status of Women

Mr Neil Westbury, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Office of Indigenous Affairs

Mr Allan Taylor, Executive Coordinator, International, Security and Resources

Mr Connall O'Connell, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Natural Resources Division

Mr Phillip Glyde, Assistant Secretary, Forests Taskforce

Mr John Van Beurden, Acting Assistant Secretary, Indigenous Policy Branch, Office of Indigenous Affairs

Ms Philippa Horner, Deputy Convenor, Wik Taskforce, Office of Indigenous Affairs

Mr Ken Matthews, Convenor, Wik Taskforce, Office of Indigenous Affairs

Government Support Services

Mr Malcolm Hazell, Assistant Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat

Mr Martin Bonsey, First Assistant Secretary, Government

Mr Roger Bagley, Director, Ceremonial and Hospitality Unit

Corporate Services

Mr Richard Mills, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Services Division

Ms Linda Atkinson, Acting Assistant Secretary, Corporate Support Branch

Mr John Doherty, Assistant Secretary, Convention and Corporate Management


Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General

Mr Douglas Sturkey, Official Secretary

Ms Carol Summerhayes, Deputy Official Secretary

Mr Gordon Mair, Household and Property Manager

Ms Kay Austin, Organisation and Support Manager

Ms Amanda O'Rourke, Director, Australian Honours and Awards

Mr Anian Don, Budgets and Finance Officer

Portfolio Policy Advising Agencies

Office of National Assessments

Mr Ken Heydon, Deputy Director General

Mr Derryl Triffett, Head, Corporate Services

Ms Margaret Bourke, Senior Executive Officer

Public Administration and Accountability

Public Service and Merit Protection Commission

Mr Peter Kennedy, Deputy Public Service Commissioner

Ms Ann Forward, Merit Protection Commissioner

Mr Alan Doolan, Team Leader, Internal Support Team

Ms Heather Byrne, Internal Support Team

Mr Paul Griffiths, Former Secretary, Commonwealth Paedophilia Inquiry

Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman

Mr Phillip Jones, Senior Assistant Ombudsman

Ms Sue Pidgeon, Senior Assistant Ombudsman

Mr Barry Hugg, Executive Officer

Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

Mr Ron McLeod, Inspector-General

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission--

Mr G. Rees, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mr R. Morony, General Manager, Economic

Mr P. Schnierer, General Manager, Corporate Services

Mr S. Hoffman, General Manager, Strategic Development and Support

Mr J. Eldridge, General Manager, Social and Cultural

Mr W. Miller, Director, Office of Evaluation and Audit

Mr R. Alfredson, Assistant General Manager, Finance

Mr C. Plowman, Assistant General Manager, Housing, Infrastructure Health and Heritage

Mr R. Kent, Assistant General Manager, Culture, Legal Aid and Family Policy

Mr M. White, Assistant General Manager, Human Resources and Corporate Administration

Mr B. Stacey, Co-ordinator, WIK team

Ms J. Oakley, Acting Assistant General Manager, Native Title and Land Rights

Mr B. Johnson, Acting Assistant General Manager, CDEP and Employment Policy

Mr J. Ramsay, Assistant General Manager, Strategic Support

Mr R. Goodrick, Assistant General Manager, Legal

Ms K. Sculthorpe, Acting Assistant General Manager, Strategic Planning and Policy

Ms J. Thelander, Manager, Planning Section

Mr N. Bouhafs, Registrar Aboriginal Corporations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation

Mr B. Kimmings, General Manager

Mr R. Cox, Corporate Controller

Aboriginal Hostels Limited

Mr K. Clarke, Acting General Manager

Mr K. Sharma, Company Secretary

Mr R. Lane, Assistant General Manager, Operations

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Mr R. Taylor, Principal

Dr K. Palmer, Deputy Principal

Indigenous Land Corporation

Mr M. Chapman, Deputy General Manager

[2.17 p.m.]