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ESTIMATES COMMITTEE B - 11/09/1991 - DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE - Program 8-SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Subprogram 8.5-Weapons systems research

SENATOR MACGIBBON -I refer to Project Nulka. I thought this Committee was told at one stage that all reference to Nulka was banned as part of the contractual agreement in America.

SENATOR ROBERT RAY -All reference?


MR JONES -There was a phase in the early days when the whole thing was classified, but the existence of it now and the name are public.

CHAIRMAN -Some further questions have been provided by Senators Newman, Durack , Vallentine and Kemp to be placed on notice seeking answers, subject to your approval, Minister. I would like to express my appreciation for the open and frank way in which you have answered the questions, and in good humour, and for the detail your officers have provided.

SENATOR ROBERT RAY -Mr Chairman, I thank you for your chairmanship and I would like to thank Committee members. If you contrast this Committee with some of the others, it is obvious we have been at least civil, have we not?

SENATOR NEWMAN -Do you mean we have let you off lightly?

SENATOR ROBERT RAY -Tough but civil.

CHAIRMAN -I would also like to thank the members of the Committee for their cooperation. I declare this public session of Estimates Committee B closed.

Committee adjourned at 11.40 p.m.