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Proposed expenditure, $8,923,506,000 (Document A).

Consideration resumed from 9 September.

Senators in attendance:

Senator Robert Ray, Minister for Defence

Department of Defence-

Vice-Admiral A. L. Beaumont, Vice Chief of Defence Force

Air Vice-Marshal G. W. Neil, Assistant Chief of the Defence Force, Personnel

Major-General J. M. Sanderson, Assistant Chief of the Defence Force, Development

Rear Admiral R. G. Taylor, Assistant Chief of the Defence Force, Operations

Air Vice-Marshal M. D. Miller, Surgeon General, Australian Defence Force

Commodore C. J. Littleton, Director-General, Natural Disasters Organisation

Brigadier D. B. Ferguson, Director-General, Defence Force Plans and Programs

Brigadier A. S. D'Hage, Director-General, Public Information

Mr K. E. Dean, Director, Budget and Financial Services, Australian Defence Force Academy

Mr E. David, Manager, Special Projects and Capital Programs, Defence Housing Authority

Mr J. Rosser, Manager, Policy and Planning, Defence Housing Authority

Commodore G. S. Sloper, Director-General, Defence Force Recruiting

Colonel J. Benton, Head of Ready Reserve Program Implementation Team

Group Captain A. Corlass, Director, Defence Force Pay and Allowances

Miss L. Atkinson, Director, Program Coordination, Forces Executive

Mr P. Skinner, Assistant Secretary, Military Superannuation Benefit Scheme Implementation Team

Rear Admiral R. A. K. Walls, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff

Mr G. J. Hansen, Assistant Secretary, Resources Planning, Navy

Major-General J. C. Grey, Deputy Chief of the General Staff

Brigadier I. G. A. MacInnis, Director-General, Coordination and Organisation, Army

Mr M. F. Taylor, Assistant Secretary, Resources Planning, Army

Air Vice-Marshal T. W. O'Brien, Acting Chief of the Air Staff

Air Commodore F. D. Cox, Acting Deputy Chief of the Air Staff

Mr K. Moore, Assistant Secretary, Resources Planning, Air Force

Mr R. N. McLeod, Deputy Secretary, Budget and Management

Mr A. G. Thompson, First Assistant Secretary, Human Resources and Management Division

Mr F. R. Harvey, Inspector-General

Mr R. H. Sach, Acting Director, Manpower Strategies and Analysis

Mr A. D. Powell, Acting Deputy Secretary, Acquisition and Logistics

Major-General S. N. Gower, Assistant Chief of the Defence Force, Logistics

Air Vice-Marshal B. J. Graf, Assistant Chief of the Air Staff, Materiel

Major-General P. M. Jeffery, Assistant Chief of the General Staff, Materiel

Commodore P. G. V. Dechaineux, Acting Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, Materiel

Mr R. K. Thomas, First Assistant Secretary, Capital Equipment Program

Mr M. H. Ives, First Assistant Secretary, Facilities and Property Division

Mr D. D. Wood, First Assistant Secretary, Industry Policy and Operations

Mr G. K. Tuisk, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Project Development and Communications

Mr R. Corey, Principal Adviser, Contracting

Miss H. Storey, Acting Assistant Secretary, Logistics Resources

Mr A. Uzubalis, Director, Strategic Trade Policy and Operations

Mr G. Veitch, Director, Program Coordination, Acquisition and Logistics

Dr A. Hawke, Deputy Secretary, Strategic and Intelligence

Mr M. Brady, First Assistant Secretary, Force Development and Analysis Division

Dr R. G. Brabin-Smith, First Assistant Secretary, International Policy Division

Mr J. Nockles, Assistant Secretary, Pacific Branch

Dr R. G. Ward, Chief Defence Scientist

Mr P. Lush, Assistant Secretary, Science Corporate Management

Mr G. F. Jones, First Assistant Secretary, Resources and Financial Programs Division

Mr R. Tonkin, Assistant Secretary, Resources Policy and Programs

Mr R. Irvine, Director, Program Evaluation and Analysis

Mr R. B. Anderson, Assistant Director, Program Evaluation and Analysis

Department of Finance-

Mr B. Van Dijk, Finance Officer

Mr S. Somlyay, Finance Officer

Mr S. Salale, Finance Officer