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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 19 March 2012:

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act—Australian Bureau of Statistics—Proposal—2012 No. 4.

Census and Statistics Act—Australian Bureau of Statistics—Statement—2012 No. 1.

Civil Aviation Act—

Civil Aviation Regulations—

Instrument—2012 No. CASA 64 [F2012L00589].

Permission and direction—2012 No. CASA 78 [F2012L00579].

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—

Airworthiness Directives under Part 39.001(1)—

AD/A320—No. 174—Amendment (No. 2) [F2012L00587].

Revocations—2012 Nos CASA ADCX 5, CASA ADCX 6 [F2012L00586], [F2012L00588].

Revocation—2012 No. CASA EX 16 [F2012L00590].

Customs Act—Orders—Tariff Concession Revocation—2011 No. 30 [F2012L00583].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instrument under section 184—3 March 2012 [F2012L00582].

Higher Education Support Act—

Higher education provider—Revocation of approval—13 March 2012 [F2012L00581].

VET provider—Notice of approval—2012 No. 2 [F2012L00580].

Lands Acquisition Act—Statement under section 125—March 2012.

Navigation Act and Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act—Marine Orders—2012 No. 2 [F2012L00585].

Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act—Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations—Determination under regulation 19B—8 March 2012 [F2012L00591].

Taxation Administration Act—Instrument under section 388-55 of schedule 1—2012 Payment summary deferral—Employment termination and departing Australia superannuation payments [F2012L00584].