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Ms J. I. Bishop (Deputy Leader of the Opposition) moved—That so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the Member for Curtin from moving the following motion forthwith—That the Prime Minister explain to the House and to the Australian people why she should continue to hold the office of Prime Minister, an office she has debased in the manner in which she came to it, in her handling of the Craig Thomson Affair, in the contradictions that riddle her explanation of the role her staff played in the Australia Day riot and in her deception of the Australian people before the 2010 election over the introduction of the carbon tax, gambling reform, means testing the private health insurance rebate and operating an open and transparent government.

Debate ensued.

The time allowed by standing order 1 for debate on the motion having expired—



The House divided (the Speaker, Mr Slipper, in the Chair)—

AYES, 68

Mr Abbott

Mr Dutton

Mr Laming

Mr Ruddock

Mr Alexander

Mr Entsch

Ms Ley

Mr Schultz

Mr K. J. Andrews

Mr Fletcher

Mr Macfarlane

Mr Scott

Mrs K. L. Andrews

Mr Forrest

Ms Marino

Mr Secker*

Mr Baldwin

Mr Frydenberg

Mrs Markus

Mr Simpkins

Mr Billson

Ms Gambaro

Mr Matheson

Mr A. D. H. Smith

Mrs B. K. Bishop

Mrs Gash

Mrs Mirabella

Dr Southcott

Ms J. I. Bishop

Mrs Griggs

Mr Morrison

Dr Stone

Mr Briggs

Mr Haase

Mrs Moylan

Mr Tehan

Mr Broadbent

Mr Hartsuyker

Mr Neville

Mr Truss

Mr Buchholz

Mr A. G. Hawke

Mr O’Dowd

Mr Tudge

Mr Chester

Mr Hockey

Ms O’Dwyer

Mr Turnbull

Mr Christensen

Mr Hunt

Mrs Prentice

Mr van Manen

Mr Ciobo

Dr Jensen

Mr Ramsey

Mr Vasta

Mr Cobb

Mr E. T. Jones

Mr Randall

Dr Washer

Mr Coulton*

Mr Keenan

Mr Robb

Mr Wilkie

Mr Crook

Mr C. Kelly

Mr Wyatt Roy

Mr Wyatt

NOES, 71

Mr Adams

Mrs D’Ath

Mr Jenkins

Ms Plibersek

Mr Albanese

Mr Dreyfus

Mr S. P. Jones

Mr Ripoll

Mr Bandt

Mrs Elliot

Dr M. J. Kelly

Ms Rishworth

Ms Bird

Ms Ellis

Ms King

Ms Roxon

Mr Bowen

Dr Emerson

Dr Leigh

Mr Rudd

Mr Bradbury

Mr L. D. T. Ferguson

Ms Livermore

Ms Saffin

Ms Brodtmann

Mr M. J. Ferguson

Mr Lyons

Mr Shorten

Ms A. E. Burke

Mr Fitzgibbon

Mr McClelland

Mr Sidebottom

Mr A. S. Burke

Mr Garrett

Ms Macklin

Mr S. F. Smith

Mr Butler

Mr Georganas

Mr Marles

Ms Smyth

Mr Byrne

Mr Gibbons

Mr Mitchell

Mr Swan

Mr Champion

Ms Gillard

Mr Murphy

Mr Symon

Mr Cheeseman

Mr Gray

Mr Neumann

Mr C. R. Thomson

Mr Clare

Ms Grierson

Mr Oakeshott

Mr K. J. Thomson

Ms Collins

Mr Griffin

Mr O’Connor

Ms Vamvakinou

Mr Combet

Ms Hall*

Ms O’Neill

Mr Windsor

Mr Crean

Mr Hayes

Ms Owens

Mr Zappia

Mr Danby

Mr Husic*

Ms Parke


* Tellers


Ms Rowland                   Mr Irons

Mr Snowdon                  Mr Robert

Mr Melham                    Mr Somlyay

And so it was negatived.