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Former One Nation candidate withdraws from deregistration proceedings against the party; claims party officials have threatened his family.
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PETER CAVE: In Queensland, one of two men taking Supreme Court action to have One Nation deregistered as a party has withdrawn from the proceedings, claiming that threats have been made against his family.  David » « Summers » has written to his solicitor saying he can’t go on after his wife was intimidated by a One Nation official.  One Nation, however, says the allegation is untrue, as Gerald Tooth reports from Brisbane.


GERALD TOOTH: « David » « Summers » « and » « Terry » « Sharples » are former One Nation candidates.  The claim membership lists from the Pauline Hanson support group were falsely used as One Nation membership lists in order to register the party before the Queensland election.  Now, « David » « Summers » has withdrawn from the action.  He wrote to his solicitor saying, ‘Acts of intimidation have occurred towards my family from a One Nation member today, « and » I don’t want things to blow up out of proportion.’  « Terry » « Sharples » is also claiming he’s been threatened, but says he’s not about to back down.


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » They basically came in claiming that they were there to collect outstanding debts for various people that I still owe money to in relation to my campaign.


GERALD TOOTH: Well, that’s what party spokesman, « David » Oldfield, says this is about, that it’s about debts that are outstanding, that it has nothing to do with the court case or any intimidation.


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Oh, really.  Well, I mean, if that was true, then I would have expected that the people that I owed money to, who I’ve communicated with « and » who I’ve sent money to - unfortunately, I couldn’t pay them….


GERALD TOOTH: So you don’t deny owing people in One Nation money?


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Oh, not at all.  I don’t think I’m the only candidate who’s been left stalled in terms of being able to finish off the outstanding monies that are owed.  I mean, I think I owe about $2,500 of the entire $12,000 that I put up.  So let me tell you now, « David » Oldfield is just … that’s just a « David » Oldfield disinformation campaign, let me tell you that for a fact.


GERALD TOOTH: Well, he says exactly the same of the allegations that you’re making.  He says that they are completely manufactured.


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Well, for what purpose?


GERALD TOOTH: He says to damage the party.


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Oh look, I mean, the only person that’s damaged this party is « David » Oldfield.  I mean, look….


GERALD TOOTH: But have you heard of any other people being intimidated in this fashion that you’re talking about?


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Yes, you know, several.


GERALD TOOTH: The Electoral Commission has frozen more than $420,000 in funds due to One Nation as a result of the Queensland election pending the outcome of the Supreme Court action.  « Terry » « Sharples » says he now feels as though he has a price on his head.


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » You know, it’s not a Rambo situation.  I am concerned, I’m very concerned, because of what I can clearly see is that I stand between One Nation « and » half a million dollars, « and » I know One Nation well enough to know what that could mean.  But the bottom line is…..


GERALD TOOTH: Well, what could that mean?


« TERRY » « SHARPLES » Well, it could mean a lot of things, couldn’t it.  I mean, I don’t even want to talk about it on radio, to be honest with you.


PETER CAVE: « Terry » « Sharples , the former One Nation candidate who’s trying to have the party deregistered in Queensland.