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ParlInfo Search Version Changes

Version 1.21.0 deployed on 15th November 2012

This version includes the following changes:

Version 1.20.0 deployed on 23rd September 2012

This version includes the following changes:

  • Changes made to databases and presentation to accommodate a new contributing system

Version 1.19.0 deployed on 17th February 2012

This version includes the following enhanced features:

  • A "What's New" page that features new releases of ParlInfo Search
  • A separate Senate Estimates dataset on Advanced Search web page (under the Committees collection)
  • Improved functionality in "Return to Results link" this now returns the use to the previously viewed record, not to the top of the list.
  • Users to have the ability to control the display of metadata pane for each document (expanded or collapsed display) as part of user's profile.
  • Removal of empty fragments (i.e. no associated text content) for Hansard documents.
  • A new presentation that corresponds with the new Parliament of Australia website.

More help

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